What Wireframe/Prototyping Software is the Best?

As information architecture and user experience design become a more standard part of major web and interactive projects, there are a few software tools emerging as the gold standard. A good prototyping tool can dramatically speed up the process and boost the quality and fidelity of the wireframe/prototype itself. But a bad tool can slow you down and create frustration for you and the client. While you could create wireframes with a pencil and paper, choosing the right tool can dramatically enhance the final product, or burden your project with tedious repetitive edits or unsatisfactory prototypes at the end of…

What IS an Information Architect, anyway?

Everyone’s been at a party (or the dentist, or the in-laws) and been asked “What do you do?”. Most people have a nice clean answer: accountant, fireman, lawyer, etc. If you answer that immortal question with “Information Architect” you can expect a quizzical expression rapidly followed by a polite smile. “Ohhhh,” they say, pausing for a moment. “So what IS that?”.